Architectural Lighting

Your Facility Elegance Personified

Light though intangible, is real – it can only be seen when it is emitted or reflected by an object. Light itself has a spatial aspect and fills space. To design light is to believe in emotions, passion, performance and dreams. When combined with technology, human requirement and beauty, light can transform any venue to an nimaginable world. Architectural Lighting facilitates orientation, achieving demands of great aesthetic design sensibility and higher functionality. Welcome to our world, at Vtech Biotron employ light to excite senses, uplift, transform, and become an extension of who you are and what you want to be.

In an uncompromised effort to ensure that our customers’ design concepts become reality, we work hand-in-hand with Designers to design new or modify existing products to meet strict project requirements. We determine intended purpose of an architectural light fixture. Will the fixture provide ambient overhead illumination or bright and focused task lighting? Adjustable and directional light is provided by a track or monorail fixture, while overhead and accent light is best achieved through well-chosen and well-placed recessed lighting.