Cosmic Dome

15 Jan, 2024 By Admin

The perfect blend of light and shadow

Cosmic Dome is an aesthetic statement piece with charm and elegance featuring a uniquely engaging blend of light and shadow. A suspended luminaire with multiple combinations of size and slotted designs available, it is a beautiful blend of metal perforation and the seamless PMMA diffuser which helps split the shade and create a sense of drama in your interior space.


Design inspiration

Nature presents us with stunning multidimensional visual lighting blended through the window from the rising sun every morning.


A soothing visual experience is created naturally by the sunlight, a magnificent scene that inspired Lunnark to create the Cosmic Dome.


The Cosmic Dome is where art and light merge, a highly functional luminaire that is also an artistic marvel in design that aids in adding beauty and luxury to the space.


The soothing glow assists in forming an environment that is comforting and calming for everyone, just like the morning sun!!!

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Glare in lighting design

Glare in lighting design refers to the uncomfortable, excessive brightness that can cause visual discomfort and hinder visibility.

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