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Enlighten your essence

Leben enriches a soul into your intricate nests with its comforting and soothing luminaire design. The hanging luminaries remind the surroundings of a light that brings calmness within you and the fabric of life together. The elegant contemporary design manages to catch the eye of the observer while its functionality makes it stand out.


The molded glass design along with CNC machined Aluminum housing uses a translucent acrylic light diffuser to radiate your space with a natural feel and engage with their passion. Elevate your space with these stunning fixtures that not only light up your surroundings but also serve as captivating design elements. Available in multiple different configurations as per your desire for your ambiance.

Design inspiration

As an evolution of new designs over time, this is a project that is just as contemporary as life. The Leben is a luminaire that was inspired by the very fabric of life, DNA. This was an artistic design that incorporates a contemporary style but is suited to match your tailormade ambiance. The hanging design is an inspired work from nature and is suited to bring a balance and deeper understanding to life.


With its artistic design and personality, it adds an element to the room. It was born from the idea of utilizing a contemporary design to remind us of life and how we can express it from within ourselves in a shared atmosphere. It provides an elegant and artistic feel while still providing practical ambient light to a space, merging art and light.


The name Leben arises from the molded glass expressing a life in its evolution with the ups and downs as time passes. Leben means to be alive in German and the glass-life is a true embodiment of our design ideology.


It would be the perfect choice for a statement piece anywhere around the room. The sandblasted acrylic diffuser provides homogenous illumination across variants as per each configuration.

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