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A Galaxy of Light

Iskra, a magnificent luminaire with boundless possibilities, uses powder-coated aluminium with customised holes and a PMMA diffuser layer to create a scene similar to a night sky full of stars. An exquisite luminaire that illuminates the space while also spreading a sense of calmness in the minds of the observers, Iskra can be modified to be a wall fitting as well.


Design inspiration

LunnArk is rooted in the earth, reaching for the sky. This luminaire designed in-house is a perfect example of that. Drawing inspiration from the night sky crowded with sparkling stars, Iskra translates to Sparkle in Bosnian.


This is a highly adaptable luminaire, with the opportunity to create custom shapes and designs on the aluminium plate!!!


A design that showcases the ability of LunnArk to capture nature and replicate it in your ceiling, this stunning luminaire is surely a treat to the eyes while also aiding in creating an atmosphere that is welcoming as well as hospitable.

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Cosmic Dome

Cosmic Dome is an aesthetic statement piece with charm and elegance featuring a uniquely engaging blend of light and shadow.

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