Linio Rafter

15 Jan, 2024 By Admin

Where rafters meet purlins

Linio Rafters are perfectly engineered with their crosscut arrangement available in multiple dimensions and adaptive sizes with several configurations. The luminaire can be customised with a great tilting angle independently for each linear light. The immense suspended luminaire is not just an architectural statement, but also a highly functional linear structure which is fun to play with accompanied by its flexible and movable rafters!!!


Design inspiration

Truly inspired by the aesthetics of structural engineering’s good old marvels, these exquisite linear luminaires are designed in-house to replicate the rafters used in construction.

It is a versatile product that stands out for its technicality and modern design reflecting man-made roof rafters perpendicular to purlins!!!


Born out of a fascination with a modern yet minimalistic architectural design, the Linio Rafter is a concept that works on multiple angles combined to form a homogeneous illumination.


A design that showcases the passion at LunnArk and lights up the essence of an aspiring space, the luminaire assists in establishing an atmosphere that is distinct with its striking and dynamic appearance.

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Leben enriches a soul into your intricate nests with its comforting and soothing luminaire design.

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